MIRONEKUTON  ミロネクトン  Mineral Stone/Mineral Powder with over 66* minerals & trace elements!

The original japanese Mironekuton contains the full strength of nature. 100% natural deep-sea mineral stone without any additives.

Mineral Powder
Glass bottle w/ 150g, PE bag w/ 300g

Measuring spoon incl.

Mineral Stones
PE bag w/ 300g or w/ 1,000g

unground stones

*Main constituents: silicium dioxide 55%, aluminum oxide 13%, iron oxide 4.1%, calcium oxide 3.6%, magnesium oxide 1.6%, sulphur 1.1%
potassium 0.47%, titanium oxide 0.16%, phosphorus oxide 0.07%, cobalt oxide 0.06%, sodium oxide 0.05%, manganese oxide 0.04%
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MIRONEKUTON Natural Deep Sea Mineral  ミロネクトン

Activates and supplies the microorganisms in the aquarium filter and the substrate with minerals and creates stable conditions in your tank
Improves and stabilises water quality. The microorganisms are an important staple food especially for fish and shrimp offspring.

Furthers plant growth (root formation, photosynthesis, formation of oxygen) in your tank and prevents deficiencies
Your aquarium plants are supplied with minerals and trace elements and thus are enabled to contribute to better and more stable conditions in your tank.

Mironekuton Natural Deep Sea Mineral prevents the pH from dropping and sustains total hardness (GH) in your aquarium
Stable aquarium parameters are a precondition for a well-functioning bacterial and microorganism fauna as well as for good plant growth.

Mironekuton is 100%
pure natural and contains
no other artificial additives
Mironekuton supplies micro-
organisem with necessary
minerals and trace elements
Mironekuton furthered the
plant growth (photosynthesis
and formation of oxygen)
Mironekuton improved the
root formation and provides
good soil conditions
Mironekuton supplies
shrimps with minerals
and mikroorganisms provides
nutrition base for shrimplets
Mironekuton supplies fishes
with trace elements and
mikroorganismprovides baby
fishes a good nutrition base
Mironekuton sustains total
hardness and help to
minimized fluctuations
Mironekuton prevents
pH from dropping and
stabilizes the parameters
Mironekuton provides through
ion exchanger capacity for clear
and clean water in your tank
Mironekuton since many years
for shrimp breeders not only in
asia first choice